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Search Engine Optimization + Advertising Equals Market Coverage

Reaching your available market is achievable by many combinations of marketing communications. One of the best and most effective methods is focusing your efforts on search engines. After all, your exposure to a potential customer when they are in the market for your product or service or need to solve a problem – demonstrated by their use of a search engine – is ideal. How do you ensure you are visible at that crucial moment?  It can be accomplished in two primary ways: Search Engine Optimization and Advertising.

  1. Having your site visible in the natural, organic results
  2. Paid advertising placement to achieve exposure where your organic exposure is lacking.

Search Marketing encompasses both Search Engine Optimization and Advertising on these platforms to ensure your acquire your share of business opportunities from this important revenue channel.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Achieving ranking organically on the search engines is rooted in a handful of key fundamentals, and many more minor factors. However, those factors change over time. Maintaining on-going page one ranking on Google is a challenge that requires vigilance to react to algorithm changes – Google makes over 500 changes every year. Though most have a minor impact to most site’s rankings, a handful have had a major impact on search rankings over the past five years.

Search Engine Advertising

Even if page one organic ranking is illusive for some of your important keyword phrases, you can achieve page one exposure with Google Ads (formerly AdWords). We’ll review your organic ranking and supplement that exposure with ads for select keyword to ensure coverage across all your products and services that are key to your business.

There’s a few good pieces of news on this front: one – the major search engines only charge you when someone interacts with your ad; two, there are only two search engines that really matter – Google and Bing. Together, they account for 93+% of the engine usage – including other sites their search engines support such as Yahoo and AOL.

To build awareness of your business brand and products, online display advertising can be focused on industry news and information sites serving your markets. We’ll place ads within content related to your products and services on a network of sites tailored to your served industries.

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