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Your site is the vortex of your Internet footprint. It’s your primary owned media online. The debate about whether it’s your brand or your sales enabler is over – it’s both, or at least it should be. Properly structured, it will tell visitors how to find solutions and delight them.

The web is now 25 years old. The fundamental requirements your site must meet have changed.


Now, it must be mobile-friendly, as easily viewed on a PC, tablet or smartphone. With over 50% of all web access on a phone, people are demanding ease of use. Google is also now prioritizing mobile-friendly sites, and over time your old site will suffer with lower ranking and exposure levels. Mobile-friendly sites are now imperative for businesses that want to capture the entire available market of people seeking products and information.


The recent data security issues have highlighted what’s been imperative. You site needs to reside in a secure environment –for the sake of your site and your visitors.


People are impatient, especially on the go on a mobile device. Don’t bog it down with extra features and graphics that’s don’t add to the experience or value.

Search-Engine Friendly

If it’s not on a new content system that Google and Bing can crawl and index – the only way your site will achieve natural search ranking – then plan for an upgrade.

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