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Branding in the business-to-business (B2B) arena is influenced by many factors. While sales and customer service play a key role in sustaining a brand, marketing has the primary role of communicating the company’s strengths and competencies to influence a prospective customer.

Marketing Role

B2B marketers are typically involved in complex, lengthy sales cycles that include several people in the buying organization impacting the purchase decision. Marketers need to create a brand impression through its messaging that attracts initial awareness and interest. As people move through the marketing funnel from awareness to consideration and evaluation, the buyer’s information needs change. Marketing plays a key role in delivering the relevant information at the appropriate time to align with buyer’s concerns and purchase criteria.

Sales Role

Sales people have an important role in brand in the B2B arena. On-going customer interactions that nurturing long-term relationships have major impact on the company’s brand. Positive customer experience is paramount to building a long-term brand. The brand is sustained with an on-going demonstration of a genuine strategic partnership with customers.


Companies must communicate their mission and strengths that represent their brand and benefits their customers. That messaging needs to be consistent across their communication channels in order to build a sustainable perception in the marketplace. The company’s messaging and performance are the key factors impacting the brand.

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